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Practice Areas

Contract Law

Our law firm drafts, reviews (including residential and commercial leases), analyzes, and negotiates agreements on behalf of individuals and small and mid-sized corporate clients including: talent, service, side artist, producer, collaboration, shopping, production, employment, non-disclosure, publishing, and license agreements; limited liability company operating agreements; partnership agreements; purchase and sale of business documents; buy/sell agreements; asset purchase agreements; confidentiality and non-compete agreements; license agreements; stock purchase agreements; and subcontractor and independent contractor agreements.

Intellectual Property

Our law firm routinely prosecutes trademarks and copyrights; argues on behalf and represents clients in disputes with the TTAB;  performs due diligence, draft opinion letters, advises on the feasibility of obtaining registration; drafts cease and desist letters to infringers; counsels on the elements required for infringement and details the potential outcome of infringement litigation; and commences litigation proceedings.

Business Formation

Our law firm helps entrepreneurs and all those wishing to start a business the proper way by forming LLCs, corporations, partnerships on their behalf; offering strategies for business development and marketing; advising on the complex interplay between contract law, intellectual property law and administrative and regulatory law. We draft standard business contracts such as asset purchase and equity purchase agreements, and offer assistance in conflict resolution, and confidentiality and non-compete agreement issues.

Government Disputes

Our firm represents clients in disputes with government agencies, including the Unemployment Insurance Division and Workers’ Compensation Board.

Consumer Law

Our firm represents individuals who are disputes with companies that have failed to provide services or deliver goods for which they have been paid; creditors who seek repayment of a debt; and debtors who believe that they are under no obligation to repay a debt but who are nonetheless being hounded by a creditor or a collections agency.


Our firm drafts all moving documents, including petitions, motions and orders to show cause.

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