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Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Small Business Owners, and Creative Professionals 

We're intellectual property and business lawyers who help today's creative professionals and startups protect and monetize their brands.


Allow us to help you


For those in the entertainment industry, we understand the importance of securing exclusive rights in one’s creative expressions through trademark and copyright registrations and leveraging those IP registrations to obtain higher company valuations and larger market shares. Allow us to help you or your small or midsize business in all phases of its business development so that we can ensure that you are compliant with all laws and have the greatest protection for your creative expressions and work product, enabling you to get the highest return on your investments.

Our Services

  • Contract drafting and review;

  • Trademark and copyright prosecution,

  • Due diligence,

  • Infringement claims,

  • Cease and desist letters;

  • Small business counsel;

  • Negotiate on behalf of performers and visual artists;

  • Corporate entity formation; 

  • Minority small business counsel;

  • Litigation assessment, including asses right of publicity and defamation claims.


New York City


The Law Firm of Karreem Washington Attorney at Law is a business law firm located in New York City with a focus on assisting individuals and small businesses in the entertainment industry. Its mission is to provide exceptional legal services at competitive prices. The firm aims to build strong, long-lasting relationships with its clients built on trust, open communications, and successful outcomes.

Legal duties and rights

We understand that sometimes creatives and small business owners lose sight of their legal duties and rights because their focus is on creating original products and unique experiences. Individuals and companies can sometimes forget their legal obligations, such as policing their trademark registrations or negotiating a binding and favorable contract, thereby unintentionally failing to comply with certain laws or not acting in their best interest.

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